Car Glass Vandalism and Theft in Bay Area

Published December 26th, 2017 by Unknown

Car glass vandalism and theft in San Francisco Bay Area is a big problem.

You might be visiting from out of town in the city and leave your luggage, laptop behind in the car. You think you are in one of the liberal cities in the world, but car theft is a huge issue.

Door Glass Replaced by Auto Glass Force

Vent Glass Replaced by Auto Glass Force

Honda Crosstour door glass vandalized and replaced by

Some windshields are flat.

Classic cars, Mustang Windshield replaced by Auto Glass Force
Sunroof Glass broken by a pebble on the freeway replaced by AGF

Broken Quarter glass could be very costly,

Few tips if you are visiting the Bay Area:

  • Don't drive your car around in the city, instead rent an Uber or Lyft.
  • Don't park on the streets, it's worth to pay and park in a secure parking.
  • Don't leave any gym bags, luggage, laptops, or any visible items in the car.
  • Your car glass wont shatter in to pieces if you tint your windows.
  • Report your loss items to local police, even though you won't recover it most of the time.
  • Before you drive off with shatter glass flying all around, contact Auto Glass Force also known as

Auto Glass Force team will provide you with fastest mobile car glass service and AGF techs will clean up most of the shattered shrapnel in your car.

Auto Glass Force specializes in any car make and model. AGF team can replace your side car glass, privacy tint, with defroster, quarter glass,back glass, back slider, truck glass, windshield, window motor and regulator.

Auto Glass Force can bill your insurance carrier as well.

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