Car Glass


Chances are you recently walked up to your vehicle only to find shattered glass all over your seats. Yes, someone has broken into your vehicle. Don't worry; we are the professionals when it comes to door glass replacements in in Northern & Southern, CA. Call us for an estimate. AGF prices are competitive. In addition to replacing the glass we also vacuum the car for any glass particles. AGF provide life time warranty both on labor and parts, which means in the future if you detect any glass defect or problem with the glass simply contact us and we will replace for free.

When car glasses are vandalized, the regulator and motor can get jammed or damaged due to shrapnel stuck inside the rollers. Shrapnel glass pieces can also scratch off your paint, or damage your inner panels. It can also scratch or cut your leather seats. Customers freak out by seeing so much glass all over their car, and stolen property, and AGF techs understand the frustration and will work with you on your timing and availability. Before going over what’s been vandalized please follow few precautions:


  • Wear thick gloves because shattered glass pieces can cut your hands, or go inside your skin and are very hard to remove.

  • AGF recommends auto glass customers to file a report in your local Bay Area city Police department.

Car windows could be expensive, and AGF will make more efforts to locate lowest price and good quality glass. Door glasses are available at the local Bay Area Dealers, Original Equipment Equivalent, Aftermarket door glass, or used parts could be an option too.