Frequently Asked Questions

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When do i have to replace my windshield?

Replace your automobile windshield if the crack is at the edges of the windshield. Cracks at the edge of car windshields tend to break easily and fast. If crack at the edge of your windshield is repaired – it is more likely for the crack to spread and ultimately require you to replace the windshield.

Why is it important to repair cracked windshield right away?

Windshields are important for the overall car safety. It provides 30 percent structural strength to the car. Windshield also protects passenger and provides support when airbag deploys in case of an accident.

How fast can you repair my car glass?

Auto glass force is known for fast same day or next day service.

What kind of payment methods do you accept?

Auto glass force accepts visa, master, amex, as well as cash payments.

When should i repair my windshield?

Windshields can be repaired if the crack is not longer than three inches. If the size of the windshield crack is longer than three inches, auto glass force recommends replacing your windshield with factory glass and national glass association standards. Auto glass force recommends repairing rock chips which are quarter size and smaller.

Is unsafe to drive with cracked windshield?

During accident it is more likely for improper fitted glass / crack glass to pop up and cause serious injury to passenger and driver.

Is there warranty on repair or replacement of my car glass?

Auto glass force provides warranty on leaks, stress cracks, and any glass defects. Warranty is only valid in northern california.

Why is it important to repair chips on my windshield?

Chips / cracks can slowly damage the windshield. Chips can be fully repaired if drivers contact glass company as soon as they find rock chips. Chip repair is less expensive then replacing the windshield.