Sunroof Glass Replacement

Sunroof Glass Replacement

Sunroof Glass Replacement

Sunroofs are a great accessory to any vehicle, but can sometimes be a chore to maintain. If your auto sunroof isn’t sealed properly you might have some unexpected moisture spoil to your vehicle’s interior. Sunroofs tend to get clogged after time, Auto Glass force offers sunroof repair services to keep your sunroof leak and damage free! Our technicians offer outstanding services to fix all your auto glass needs. Whether your sunroof system's manual or electric, our certified technicians deliver quality workmanship at a decent price and time window! Sunroof water leak could be caused by leaves or other debris that causes the clogging of drain channels on your car. Whether your sunroof system's manual or electric, our certified technicians deliver quality workmanship at a decent price and time window.

We will beat any advertised price on OEM sunroofs

Sunroof water leak could be caused by leaves or other debris that causes the clogging of drain channels on your car. A lot of times the floor mats could get wet and that’s due to drain channel clog in the sunroof area or by the hood cowling. A lot of times consumers waste money by assuming the windshield is leaking, but it’s due to the debris around the rain channels. Most of the body shops or detail shops can take care of this problem for you by clearing the drainage tubes or channel. At Auto Glass Force our sunroof draining process consists of a four gapped funnel that allows the water to flow through the drain channels, clearing the blockage. We use state of the art technology and reputable repair kits that gets the job done!

If you are in need of a speedy auto sunroof service or windshield repair in the bay area, our skilled technicians at auto glass force have several years of experience in quality auto glass services.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

  • I had a front windshield crack on my Lexus and shopped around many different auto glasses but Auto Glass force prices were unmatched. They worked around my busy schedule and came to my job to replace the windshield. I was very happy with the customer service I received over the phone and the technician who came out to replace my windshield was very professional. I highly recommend them for any auto glass repairs.

     Ali A.

    - Ali A.

  • I had a crack caused by a rock that kept expanding. I actually looked for a Groupon that I could use towards a repair and found this place. They had an available appointment the next day and communication from there was great. They gave me a window of time and called ahead to let me know when they would arrive. They came at the start of the window of time they had given me and started immediately on my windshield. They were quick and cleaned up after themselves and honored the Groupon right on the spot. Compared to the some other places the price was reasonable. I appreciated the timeliness and professionalism. I would recommend them and would use them again if necessary.

    Kelly W.

    - Kelly W

  • Awesome on all fronts. Found them on Groupon & unfortunately the package I was looking for was sold out, so I called another company for price & availability. Other company was $100+ more than Auto Glass Force, plus the earliest they could come out was in 3 days. Figured I'd call AGF & see if they could beat the time & price, maybe honor the Groupon - not only did they, they were able to schedule an appointment for the next day for my 2 vehicles between 10am-1pm. Technician was out at 10am on the dot for the appointment & had both cars done in 2hrs! They guy that did the work was very nice, professional, & seemed proud of his work. So nice to have a clear windshield again & it was a pleasure working with this company - I would highly recommend AGF!


    - J.D.

  • Great service. Called this morning to request a price check on a new windshield window replacement (2011 Chevrolet Camaro) Guy helped me right away & gave me an estimate. Thought I needed to book an appointment and he said to come in half an hr. Thought I'd be here an hour and literally took them 30 minutes to replace. I'm happy with the service & my new window looks great!

    Kiki C.

    - Kiki C.

  • The most professional services ever! Had a car break in on Sunday at 1AM and got my window replaced by 9:30AM Monday morning! They gave me a 8-10 AM window and started at 9AM and finished by 9:30AM be sure to have an available outlet so they can thoroughly vacuum all the glass.

    Arya M.

    - Arya M.

  • I've delayed getting my front windshield repaired for the longest time because of time restraint to get it done but these guys at Auto Glass Force gave me an appointment, GREAT PRICE, and quality service that day and within a couple of hours. I'll recommend them to anyone who needs work on their car done fast and of top quality! They do glass and body repair so they are truly a one stop everything repair shop. Well deserved 5 stars

    Betty B.

    - Betty B.

  • Super friendly, helpful, and reliable. My car got broken into on a Sunday, they came to my house Monday morning and the the repair done and car cleaned up.

    Jared A.

    - Jared A.

  • These guys were awesome! Changed out my window first thing on a Monday morning after having my car broken into. I was able to leave my key under the mat and pay over the phone so I didn't even have to miss work! Great customer service made this stressful event much easier to deal with.

    Jessica B.

    - Jessica B.

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