Window Regulator & Motor


The issue may be a burnt out motor, misaligned actuator arm or worn out gears. No matter the cause, Auto Glass Force can have your windows working properly in no time!

If your vehicle’s windows are not working properly chances are your window regulators are not working properly due to a mechanical Problem, and we can Help!


Every new vehicle uses power windows, operated by a press of a button. Power windows use power window regulators that are located inside the panels of your car doors. A power window setup is activated with electricity, which propels the window to move up or down; its task doesn't end with providing comfort. Window regulators are also part of the security of your vehicle. This function ensures that the window pane can't be forced down, this offers preliminary protection against thieves. At Auto Glass Force, we understand the importance of window regulators. This function is used often and can ware out easily. Auto Glass Force urges you to check your vehicles components regularly to prevent accumulation of grime that blocks its crevices and hinders its operation. The door window regulator is the mechanism that raises and lowers the door window glass on both power and manually-operated windows. Vehicles equipped with electric windows have an electric motor in each door. When the driver/passenger pushes the window switch control panel, the window raises and lowers. This electric motor operates a mechanical linkage called the door window regulator, which is attached to the door’s window glass. The cost of replacing your regulator and or motor differs, depending on the vehicle.

Regulator and/or motor replacement is not available for same day service. Please allow 1-2 business days for regulator and/or motor to arrive after we have placed the order.