Windshield Replacement


Prior to replacing your windshield with Auto Glass Force, our expert auto glass technicians will always try to repair your auto glass, to save you both time and money. However not all dings, chips, or cracks can be repaired and in this case windshield replacement may be necessary. At Auto Glass Force, we are committed to providing the highest quality windshields at the lowest price.

Windshields or Windscreens come with features and sensors such as Shading, Rain Sensor, Light Sensor, Lane Departure Assist, Heads up Display, Heated Wipers, Antenna, and Onstar Antenna. Our glass inventory is sourced by domestic and foreign suppliers. At Auto Glass Force our windshields repair and replacement process meets all National Glass safety standards. Auto Glass Force can help with auto glass of all shapes and sizes, including side windows and rear back windows replacements. The cost to replace your windshield may be reduced, or even free, if your car insurance provider covers windshield damage

Auto Glass Force aims to make this process as easy as possible by billing your windshield insurance claim directly to your insurance provider. If you are looking for the cheapest windshield prices, look no further than Auto Glass Force. With coverage throughout Northern and Southern California, there is no better auto glass replacement company. Auto Glass Force will be your best choice for fast reliable service. Windshield repair costs are not fixed; they vary depending on the severity of damage. Our price range from $100 to $6,000 for repair or replacement of the windshield. The price range not only depends on the type of the damage or the type of repair, but also depends on the type of the glass, type of vehicle and service. Generally, repairs cost less compared to replacement. Payments collected for replacing the windshields are divided into 2 sections: labor, and parts. Labor work includes uninstalling of rearview mirrors and their attachments, removal and disposal of present windshield glass, installation of new windshield glass, installing back rearview mirrors and their attachments, water test and cleaning. The time required for labor work is approximately 45 min - 3 hours depends on the car.  Parts section includes one unit of brand new unsealed windshield, adhesive and primer. If your molding strip is not in good shape, Auto Glass Force will definitely provide a new molding.